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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
We didn't even have skis to hike that six miles to cap that Eskimo, knamean? We had to walk that whole way on snowshoes because that Eskimo wanted to come step on our turf like he runs the place. He don't run these glaciers. I run these glaciers. You see some eskiho turning tricks rubbing noses behind a igloo, yeah, that's my eskiho, and you better believe I'm making 30% of that action. You hear about some Eskimos selling whale penis leather on the side, yeah, who do think's running that? That's my gig.

Don't try to come here talkin to me about how I don't know how it is growing up on the tundra. Shiiit Eskimo. This my tundra. This my glacier. Now get off my frozen wasteland before I spear yo' ass.

You can't use Eskimo. That's our term. Only Eskimahs can call other Eskimahs "Eskimah".

Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
With such a small rate of homicides in the USA, the argument of needing guns for self protection is basically... shot.
With such a small rate of polio infections in the USA, the argument of needing a polio immunization is basically ... shot.

We will not tolerate intolerance.
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