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Small update for my car:

So it's been raining here like crazy so on the car side I haven't seen much progress in the body shop. But on the SC side. I went to EAS and picked up the unit and dropped it off at OC Custom Coating to get my SC ceramic coated. They usually do guns and stuff like that. I figure if I'm going to get it painted, might as well do something that would stand up better than powder-coat. It has tighter tolerances for guns, and the coating I want is good with heat.

I asked them to see if they could coat my SC without taking it apart. After a few days, they got back to me and gave me a quote that was 3x the original one lol But given that they could do it without taking it apart, I gave them the go ahead. I totally forgot to take a before picture though . I left them a message asking them to, but iono if they will. They told me that it was easier to coat the entire unit rather than masking off the charger part that was already powder-coated. So the entire thing should be coated in what they call Glacier black. It's like a satin black.

Should look something close to this:

Was told the process will take a month. I'll be at work in a month, for a month lol So I won't see this thing until like March.

I'm sure everything will be done this year. I'm not looking forward to spending all this money at the beginning of the year.

On another note...

I've been modding Samantha's car I'm going to try to make a build thread for this car early in the beginning. So I'm going to document some stuff down here in case I forget later.

Last week, I had Extreme Autowerks in Brea install Spectra Photosync 45% ceramic tint on the sides and rear on her car. Again, since it's been raining, it's taking forever to dry. Can't roll down the windows. Car looks darker than I thought it would be. But could be because it's cloudy.

Then I installed reverse LED bulbs. There was like no DIYs for this on the 2 series forum whatsoever when I tried looking it up. Turns out you have to take the tail light out just to replace the bulb Luckily the tail light is rather easy to take off. The other issue I ran into was that I couldn't put the car in reverse and get out to check the bulb. The LEDs only go in one way so I have to check to make sure it's on each time. I ended up asking for help so that someone can put it in reverse while I do the install.

I don't know why the whole tail light is LED except for the reverse bulbs. The ones I installed were way brighter, and it's a nice straight white color.

Then I bought the Bimmercode app and BT OBD2 thing. Coded a few things that I hated on her car even though I don't really drive it. I could have used E-sys. But I was too lazy to set it up so I just bought the app. I got rid of the warning you have to click OK on every time. Couldn't figure out how to get rid of the welcome gongs. I think they took out that option in the LCI models. I enabled door lights on reverse, should help with some light on the curb for parallel parking. Changed reverse lights to LED even though there's no warning. Oh the other thing I didn't like was the damn radio. It stays on, on whatever the current volume is until you close the door and lock it. I made it so that it turns off the moment you open the door. My model 3 does that **** too, but luckily the volume goes down when you open the door and instantly turns off as soon as you close the door.

Fast forward to Sunday. She hit a pothole and blew out her tire. Luckily, it happened locally so I gave her a spare and just drove it to my house where it sits until the rain is out. EAS now sells Michelin tires, so I hit them up to order one and will be going there to get a replacement.

I can't figure out if I like her car on ARC-8s or not. Probably need to lower the car a bit first to know for sure. But I flip back and forth every time I pass by it to do something outside.

What do you guys think? I know, blurry picture.

That all for now. Can't do much else until it stops raining.
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