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Service Engine Soon Light Came On... Reading a P0128 Code??

I have a 2002 325i with 103k miles. About two months ago (September or October), I noticed that the coolant light would come on in the mornings and then turn off in the afternoons. The level was a little low so I bought some distilled water and topped off the tank. I've read that this can be caused from the drop in outside air temperatures around that time of the year so I didn't think anything of it.

The coolant light has not been on since but this morning on my way to work, the service engine soon light came on and stayed on. I went to Autozone and it's reading a P0128 error code. It is blowing hot air out of the heater and the engine is operating at normal temperature.

I've done some research and it seems replacing the thermostat and coolant temperature sensor is standard operating procedure. I plan on doing this (along with a coolant change) this weekend. My question is, can I continue to drive the car until then or should I park it and wait to repair the thermostat? If I just keep my eye on the temperature gauge I should be fine, right?? Also, what other parts should I consider replacing and where's the best place to order from?


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