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I bought mine because it is the perfect daily driver. Peppy, rwd, looks great from the factory and with some money can look jaw droppingly amazing, superior handling, surprisingly good mpg, and a little bit of bmw panache mixed in as well.

Besides, my 325i for example is 9 years old and is outclassed by other cars in straight line speed and some cars of the era have nicer interiors too. But in the end I picked a $7500 bmw over a similarly priced civic, integra, or some other japanese econobox because the bmw does most things better, its a jack of all trades master of some.

And after driving my friends' e36's I decided I wanted a bmw, but a more refined one and the e46 fits the bill perfectly.

Long story short I didn't base my decision solely on performance and status (because I'm not a huge douchebag) I bought a bmw because for the money its hard to find a car that does everything my bmw does right without sacrificing much if anything.

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