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45 Min To Install Angel Eyes

Hey all......I've read and seen people on here quoting 3-4 hours and 1-2 days to install the Angel Eyes kit. Well I'll let you know that mine WERE INSTALLED IN 45 MINUTES! Yes the best looking Angel Eyes around! Herb's kit rocks! PLEASE FOLLOW THE 10 EASY STEPS BELOW to installing the Best Looking, Brightest eyes around. With these steps you can not fail!

Step 1: Contact Herb and let him know you are interested in his Angel Eyes kit.
Step 2: Set up a time with Herb either by email or phone. I'll add that Herb is very flexible and returns every email or phone call immediately!
Step 3: Visit a web site called Mapquest and get directions to Montery Park
Step 4: Hop into your whip and drive to Montery Park.
Step 5: Follow steps from the web site you visited previously and arrive at Herbs place.
Step 6: Arrive at Herbs place and greet him with a hello.
Step 7: This may be the hardest thing you have to do with this install. Herb will ask you to pop the hood on the car.
Step 8: Sit back and Watch Herb do his thing......He won't talk much while he's doing it, but that's ok, this gives you time to make a phone call or two on your cell.
Step 9: Herb will instruct you to turn on your fog lights, and then wave you to the front of the car.
Step 10: This is where Herb has a smirk on his face and you yell "That's what I'm talking bout' Herb"..."Ahhh hell yeah, the little things in life!"
Step 11: You happily hand Herb some dough, and say thanks.
Step 12: You hop in your Ride and show the world the Best looking Angel Eyes around!

Herb..............Thanks a million! You are Da Man!
Might I add that I am doing all my Mods this week and this is by far the Best looking Mod on my list!

Jdogginla.......pics to come!
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