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ok posting this hoping for answers. Board has been soldered up and seems to work ok, but i've hit a snag at the install into car phase.

1) i have the TV module, but i do not have a harness with a white plug? i have the blue plug, and from that harness springs 2 more cables that plug into individual spots on the back of the TV unit. The TV unit has a spot for the white plug, but yeah - no actual cable plugs into it. See photo below. When it's all connected i do have the television option and it does work (although you only get white noise).

2) assuming there is some way around that ^ - exactly what do you need to do for the software. I'm one of the aforementioned linux noobs, but rather than send another email - maybe we can clear this up in here and it wont need to be asked again.
The zip contains a folder called pibus with 2 subfolders and a readme. The instructions say unzip this. However it says copy the pibus file to the SD card.

so does this mean i copy the entire pibus folder to ~/storage (and end up with /storage/pibus/rpi/*.* and /storage/pibus/attiny2313a/*.*)
do i copy JUST the pibus file from pibus\rpi to the root of ~/storage (and then have ~/storage/pibus - which is a 16kb file). If so, what's supposed to happen with the rest of these files and folders?

this is the TV unit.

note: i dont have nav or a reverse camera. is this perhaps why no white harness?

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