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Originally Posted by PeteAU View Post
What do you propose it do without xbmc and sd/video/mp3 storage?
Use the pi to emulate new parts of the OEM menu system and add new modules as though they were OEM, instead of using the CD changer mode, I would use the AUX mode and build a menu for A2DP (with text and button control), DAB (again with menu and button control) and DVT (this would use the rev cam switch trigger which you have conveniently provided, coupled with a button overlay (to emulate the remote, for EPG, channel name and channel select).

I have been able to reconfigure the AUX menu and add menus and text as though the cars infotainment system had generated it, so it looks and feels OEM.

I have also been able to spoof the OEM phone menus too (from i-bus), in effect turn on the menus as though a OEM phone is connected when its not, so I'm hoping I can emulate the OEM phone with a USB BT dongle.

(I already have Gen13 BT module in the car, so grabbing i-bus decode/emulation codes should be ok).

The tricky part will be the translation database, but the more I read the more it does look doable.

It'll be a pretty dumb unit.
Just how I want it, with a fast booting OS with no GIU, just the bmw i-bus interface and menu rendering.

Yes it's programmable, there's a header on the board.

Can the Pibus board also provide an extra switched 12v/5v supply for an USB hub or port replicate (so that it can power the hub down at the same time as the RiPi?)
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