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Originally Posted by anto View Post
Hi, I've checked reverse wire. I don't see anything on it. Voltage between PB0 and Q4 is null all the time. Do you know how this transistor works and how to test it.

I'm going to try to check gnd connection.

Edit : Gnd connection seems good, it has continuity with Attiny port 10.

If you have any ideas, tell me.

Edit : Pete, do you know if Attiny could fail on just one pin ? I don't know if I have to change Attiny or Q4 because I don't know how to diagnose which one is faulty.
Does your LED blink at 1 Hz? Is it a single or double blink?

Try to run pibus without the "-b" flag in autostart.sh and then change video with the Phone button manually.

You should get 3V at PB0 when it switches. Are you 100% sure you didn't mix up Q4 with another part?

If you're really stuck, try removing Q4 and then measure PB0 to see if you get 3V (only when on CDC1-04). But it's quite difficult to remove parts without damaging the board.
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