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Thanks all for a really informative break down on whats needed to install larger breaks on our cars. Couple of Noobish question but im learning fast and i have studied diagrams etc ..

My first question is probably the easiest to answer. We need to replace the rear trailing arms with 330 ones.. is there a reason why we cant just replace the 325 hub for the larger 330 ones ?

I have changed my diff for a 3:38 out of an automatic 330 .. i am a manual 325.
I had to change the output flanges of the 330 and put my own in. So now i have my own flanges and my own axle drives into the hubs ( wheel end)

if i buy a 330 rear traing arm , most include the hub. Will my 325 axles slot into the 330 hub ? Is the diameter / fitment the same? I dont know how to actually do any of this yet , at this stage i just need to know if i can buy ANY year of 330 rear trailing arm with hub or do i have to look out for certain years.

I am aware the 330 changes axles but it made no difference to me at the diff end ( i swapped flanges from 330 to my 325 ) but i just dont know about the hub ( wheel ) end.

I cant afford to buy a whole rear arm setup and find it wont fit!


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