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Originally Posted by markm1162 View Post
Well the verdict is now in. I went to pick up the car, owner already left for the day so I went ahead and took the vehicle which was in the parking lot because I had the master key and they had been left with the Valet key. I take it down the street to a auto parts store and find out it's 2 quarts low on oil and low on antifreeze. I add the 2 quarts of oil and bleed out the system and took it to my mechanic up in West Palm Beach who verified that the fan clutch had been destroyed and in an earlier conversation with the owner before I went to pick up the car he stated that the tensioner pulley I brought him was the wrong part (Gates 38201) so they just put the old one back on. I found both the old water pump and the tensioner pulley (minus the box) so I couldn't return the part that was later verified to be the right tensioner! Here's where the story gets interesting however, 2 days ago we agreed to $400 total for the entire job including installing the new water pump and tensioner but I haven't paid him anything yet and I don't want to screw over the guy even though he obviously tried to do that to me! I told him I had been in the forum trying to diagnose the problem and his comment was "I don't sit around and talk to a bunch of computer wizards I fix cars! The car is now in my possession and it's not ever going back to that shop! My upbringing tells me that the thing to do is subtract the cost of the fan clutch and labor as well as the money for the tensioner since I don't have the box they most likely threw away. I want my key back and my guess is that it's going to be close to $400 to get everything fixed correctly. I was able to finally locate the "pin prick" hole in the lower radiator hose and that's what the problem has been all along. When I told him that all he wanted to do is start piling on more problems. When I brought him the parts he said he needed then he said it was something else! I've been raked over the coals, lied to, mislead, but here's one thing that's an absolute for sure! I watched that so called mechanic take a impact chisel to that fan nut and force it the wrong way and then listened to him tell me that it was seized and he couldn't get it off! Really the only question that remains is what would you do if you were me? If I had paid this guy today I'd be on my way to small claims court tomorrow! Social Media (Yelp and Google) would have a field day with this! Just trying to figure out how to handle this at this point? "
Here's what hasn't been mentioned yet. The Firestone guy called me at 11am this morning and I relayed to him what had been discovered overnight and that I took the car down the street and found it to be 2 quarts low on oil (I took him 8 quarts of Mobil One 0/40) I don't think they even put a new oil filter in it and it was low on antifreeze so I replaced the 2 quarts of oil and topped off the antifreeze. I told him that his mechanic had destroyed the fan clutch with an impact chisel and I stood there and watched him do it because he tried to force the fan nut the WRONG WAY and returned a uninstalled Gates tensioner (he said it was the wrong part so he put the old one back on) Upon a cross check with the O'Reilly people they told me it was absolutely the right tensioner! I found the box for the water pump and the new tensioner (without a box) so I couldn't return it. He claims he went out and got the box out of the trash! Then he started another lie that he had the water pump and whoever had it before stripped the threads then I just told him Bull **** I've got the water pump in my possession and there are no stripped threads on the water pump or inside of the fan nut so there's just another lie you told me. I said "Here's what I'm going to do, once I replace the fan clutch and deduct the cost of the tensioner that you threw away the box on and now I can't get my money back on I'll pay you what the difference is" He then started running his mouth about theft of services and I told him hell I'll take care of that one for you, I can go down and file lawsuit in Small Claims Court you won't have to do a thing and we'll let the judge decide! This was his reply -- "You know what, **** YOU I hope you run that ****ing car into a tree and DIE!" Then he hung up. The only reason that this guy is still in business is that he has the word FIRESTONE written on his building! He still has the valet key to this car and I probably won't get that back but there's a couple of things I haven't done yet that I could well do including reviews on both Yelp and Google about his wonderful business practices, Writing a letter to Firestone itself and detailing how one of their dealers cheats and treats their customers. Maybe a link back to this thread would be plenty or I really wanted to be an asshole about it I could just drag his ass into court and let the judge tell him to give me the key back.
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