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Originally Posted by markm1162 View Post
I can do that. I have the OBDII module that's wireless and I use that in conjunction with the IOS OBD Fusion software. I use it to monitor engine temperature and reset the check engine light. Do you know of any otherapps or software that will work with the OBDII module that plugs right into the data port? I have a old school i7 laptop but no bluetooth I do however have a usb to serial converter cable (9 pin female) Would that work for the PA Soft - software? pa soft/BMW scanner 1.4 cable and the inpa cable from eBay I'm just not familiar with. No problem buying them. More interested in what they do that the OBD Fusion app doesn't?
Obdfusion is a more "run of the mill" generic obd2 scanner. Inpa and pa soft are more BMW specific. They read all the modules rather than just the DME (ecu) like obdfusion. They allow you to code things and see live data, etc.
The pa soft adapter isn't like an inpa cable that seems like a simple USB to obd. Either way, you don't need a serial converter or Bluetooth for either program. It'll work fine on your old laptop
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