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Originally Posted by PeteAU View Post
I've heard of the alternator/engine noise coming through for some people, but not many. It's usually with some older E38/E39s. I am thinking it might be only MK2/3, but it's difficult to know.

On my car, there is nothing, it's really silent no matter what the engine is doing. So it's hard for me to get involved in looking at it. Some guys just installed a ground-loop-isolator in the audio path.

Did you try grounding the "other" wires in the CDC cable (the 6-pin plug)? I heard some cars have some extra ground wires in there.

Someone also mentioned installing a big capacitor on the +12v input. I dunno what the theory behind that is.

Really need to find an easy fix for this. Can someone donate me an E39 M5?
If it helps, I've got a 2003 E46 with a BM54 amp with an analogue TV tuner and a MK4 nav unit, along with a Pibus V4. As mentioned, it's just on the Pi input, but doesn't seem to happen with the factory CD Changer plugged in - perhaps the changer is grounding to its own chassis and through the rails (I've not opened one up to have a look).

What wiring does everyone have on their 6pin? Perhaps we could see if those extra wires are helping and if it's seemingly an issue with those of us with 3 (iirc) wires in that 6 pin plug.

I think it was me that suggested the cap on the 12v input - it was a passing comment one of the distributors of the Dice had mentioned as the guys using those devices seem to have random ground loops too. I tried it quickly by connecting the legs of the cap but it didn't work so I left it as is.

If someone does donate an M5, I'll happily fly out and drive it while you're in the boot looking at wiring
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