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i'm going to f* with one of them, this one: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/...346136817.html

Here is what i have so far:
Hi, I'm very interested in your BMW M3. I will buy it from you if there are no major problems with it, such as check-engine light, transmission on its way out, loss of coolant/oil, thing of that nature. Because you are selling it below the value for what they are going for, I'm willing to accept some small problems but you have to tell me ahead of time what problems this car has because I would hate to waste each other's time.


It doesn't have any problems I just spent $2,500 in a major tune-up and resealing all the gasket

Ok, I live in Potomac. Let me get in touch with my buddy who's real good with cars to see if he has time, he can come and look for any problems. If you have a check-engine light now is the time to tell me. Now assuming everything is good, when would you be able to sell the car. I might be able to come by as soon as this evening or I'm thinking at the latest tomorrow.

I can sale it to you at any time
send me your number
I'm thinking next to call him out on selling me an M3 that is not actually an M3, thus worth much less and that he has committed fraud. that my "buddy" tells me that this happens a lot and the best thing to do is file a police report. does that sound good?
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