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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
I think the Xi uses the 185mm parking brake drum, same as the 330. The 325 like mine uses the 160mm parking brake drum and the 750i info is something I have not heard of either. 160mm is so small, I can't imagine the 750i using that size but lets find out!

The parking brake is something I still need to deal with on my BBK. Some have made 12.5mm spacers pressed and pinned into the rotor drums and some have fabricated special shoes with a set of 325 and 330 shoes together.

The 750i rotor sounds interesting for sure. Can you provide a link to the Rally Road 750i rotor suggestion info? I looked on their site and can't find it
This is absolutely right, and the reason that I went and got these trailing arms out of the yard.

I cross referenced every which way on RealOEM, and while the E38 750i doesn't appear to use any of the same parking brake hardware as the E46 325i, it does appear to be the same general diameter.

I've seen the suggestions for sleeving the drum section of the rotor, fine until you need to replace rotors, and even custom shoes, fine until you need to replace shoes, and found neither to be ideal and thus opted to do it right and swap the trailing arms, axles, and output shafts.

Rally Road mentions the 750i rotor just in passing on the page for their rear 996 non-M brackets. I should probably reach out to them for clarification, you'd said that you got great customer service from them. I'll do that after the holiday.

Originally Posted by Rally Road
The E38 750i rear rotors are the same 328x20mm size and offset as the E46 M3 rear rotor, but have a smaller parking brake to help retain that function.

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