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Originally Posted by bluewater87 View Post
Couple basic questions:
1) how many reps should i be doing per set? I try to get at least 8, but aim for ten. Is that too many? Should i increase the weight and aim for less reps?
2) Should i wait for that muscle group to heal before i work it out again? usually takes 3 days or so for me to heal, so should i wait those three days to go work that muscle again?
There is no magic number. It's about volume. 5x5 sets are just as good as 3x12 as long as total weight moved is the same. Plus, 5x5 reps will get you stronger so imo those are better. I am biased though. It's what I personally like.

No need to wait. Soreness doesn't meant the muscle isn't ready again. I was in agonizing pain from a run workout I did last saturday. Legs were still toast on monday and I hit a 3rep max squat PR. Same yesterday. Glutes and hams fried. Another 1 rep max PR.
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