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Of your photos, the 2nd one is not correct. Is the second photo the one that broke the sway bar link ? A breaking link MIGHT have twisted the spring on its pad.

When the rotation of the spring pad is correct relative to the end of the spring it is just about like photo #1.

Of course it seems wrong, because the end of the spring is at the edge of the "cliff", not seated in a "pocket" of the spring pad like many other manufacturers do. You can find more information in Bentley and searching some other threads on this. It is non-intuitive enough that in recent work on my car I took a look, began to fret over the rotation, and then remembered I was looking at my 325xi, and all was okay. BUT mine are rotated the same on both sides - looks to me like your second one slipped as the spring compressor was released.

The xi's sit with front end "too high" when assembled correctly in stock configuration - leading many to slightly lower their front suspension. But this gives up some clearance and travel and may wear the front axles more quickly.

So you do want your shop to reposition your spring. Maybe your shop will re-set the spring and redo your alignment as good will for free.

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