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I would hav ego do to BMW dealer

Originally Posted by fractal View Post
I purchased a 2002 BMW M3 Convertible 6-speed in May 2019. Test drove the car and there were no lights or obvious issues. Drove it all the way home from West Virginia to New Jersey with no problems.

I took the car to Motorsport GmbH in Lyndhurst where I had a ton of work done to the car: All fluids / filters, shocks, rear springs, belts and pulleys, spark plugs, new cooling system, driveshaft flex disc replaced, differential pinion shaft seal repaired, new tires.

I then took the car to BMW Bloomfield where I had them do the 2 airbag recalls and a DME programming recall, as these were all open on the car.

Following all this the car was fine for another 150 miles and a couple of days, when all of a sudden the DSC and TPMS lights flashed on and the ABS pumped the left front brake. The DSC and TPMS stayed on for the duration of the trip home.

For the week following this the DSC and / or TPMS lights would come on after a few minutes with no brake activity. Eventually the DSC light was on permanently.

I took the car back to Motorsport who told me they could not get a reading out of the ABS computer. They sent the module in for repair / rebuild but the shop they sent it to said it was completely dead. So they sourced a used ABS unit for me, installed and coded it.

Following the new ABS installation and coding, the car would flash the DSC light and pump one of the brakes for a split second as in the first incident, throw codes and disable DSC for the duration of the trip. Tech could get the codes the car was throwing which are pointing to both yaw sensorr. They tried installing two different known working yaw sensors with no luck - same result. The DSC module thinks the wheels are pointing in crazy directions; he showed a video of these crazy readings coming in on his code reader when he moved a few wires under the seat. He says it might be steering angle sensor is bad but normally the car will throw a single code indicating as such, not two codes pointing to different things. This led him to conclude it was likely a wiring issue and said the entire body wiring harness would need to be replaced at an insane cost (probably over $5K).

This is such a nightmare as I had just got done getting the car up to date on maintenance.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Since it appears your troubles started after they did their thing.
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