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Originally Posted by MrMCar View Post
Some good answers here. As a generality most of Europe has superior gasoline to that of any sold in N. America. Running your car on 93, 95 or 98 shouldn't matter as the engine has one or two knock sensors (microphones attached to the engine to listen for the advent of knocking) that are used by the engine management computer (DME) and will adjust the fuel delivery and ignition timing accordingly to prevent knock.

When my wife daily drove an E46 330i, we would fill the tank with Top Tier regular. On trips where I wanted the extra performance, I would fill with a higher grade, as it would deliver a couple more HP.

In your case the additive package in the fuel is an important of a decision as the RON rating, as you'll want to keep the intake valves & combustion chamber clean. You'll need to do some research as to what fuels are in your area and offer the best cleaning.

Now she drives a F10 535 with a N55 engine. LSPI is of great concern with turbo motors. Now we use premium and top tier to help negate any LSPI (not a concern for M54 or the like engines) along with engine oils that help combat LSPI.
Ok thanks. The only ones that i know of with additive premium gasoline is Shell V-Power 98 and Total Excellium 98. I should one of those two 98 ones?
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