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Site Feedback/Questions/Suggestions
Do you have feedback/questions/ideas/suggestions about the site? Post them here.

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E46Fanatics.com Usage and Posting Guidelines

E46Fanatics.com is a online community of members with a common interests in BMWs. These guidelines are here to make sure that the community on E46Fanatics.com is a fun and friendly place for everyone. The moderators and administrators are here to make sure that everyone has a good time and a few 'bad apples' don't ruin the site for everyone.

Please review these before posting, we think you will find them to be a common sense. These are here to make sure you have a great time on E46Fanatics.com!

*For Sale Threads: Belong in the Classifieds section if you're willing to ship the part. If it is something you're looking to sell locally only you can post it in the regional forum for your area. Before posting please review the selling/buying guidelines here - https://forum.e46fanatics.com/announcement.php?f=8

*Thread Pollution: Please do not CROSS-POST/CROSS-THREAD. If you're selling something, please only post it in ONE Sub Forum (The FOR SALE FORUM). Cross-Posting, Linking to other threads or otherwise posting the same Thread/FS Item in multiple spots MAY CAUSE all of your threads to be deleted.

* POST COUNT - Only posting in "on topic" forums increase your post count. Posting in the classifieds, off topic and a few other forums do not increase your post count.

* Illegal Links/Downloads/Torrent Threads/etc. - If the RIAA or other Internet Agency wouldn't allow it, neither do we. Posting of Warez or other illegal file sharing info/links/etc. will be removed and may result warnings or infractions. This includes ANY links or info. Posting a disclaimer of "...Used in a legal manner..." does not make it OK to post this type of material.

* Illegal Story/ Law Breaking/ Drug Threads, etc. - If police or other Internet Agency wouldn't allow it...Either do we. Posting violence, drugs, illegal actions, will be removed and may result in warnings, infractions or banishment from the site.

* If you don't have anything nice to post, then don't post - Before you post, ask yourself if you would say the same thing to someone's face. If you wouldn't then there is no reason to have it on the forum.

* Respect - Respect other members and their views. With a community as large at E46Fanatics.com it is inevitable that you are going to find someone view that isn't the same as yours. Everyone is entitled to their view and it isn't anyone's job to prove that someones view is wrong.

* Racist Posting - Racism is not tolerated on E46Fanatics. Posts deemed racist in connotation, even posted in jest will result in an automatic three day ban from the site. Continued racially motivated posting will result in permanent banning from the site. Racists posting will be defined as: Any deliberate and systematic statements designed to hurt the dignity of a person or group of people. The posting of messages with racist or discriminatory content, that incite hatred, contempt, violence or persecution of a person or group of people. Defending or condoning racist or discriminatory acts with the aim of justifying hatred, violence or persecution of a person or group of people.

* Reposts - Reposts are a part of Internet communities. Members are not on the site 24x7 so a thread that was posted a few days ago could have been missed by another member. Please do not feel it is needed to post that out in their thread. If a thread is a repost, replying with nothing more than to say "repost" simply means the thread will stay at the top longer. Simply ignore the thread and it will quickly drop off the first page of the forum.

* Thread pollution - If you do not have anything to contribute toward the original thread topic please do not pollute the thread with unrelated content. If the thread is not interesting to you simply move on.

* Why was So-And-So Banned - If you have a question about why someone was banned please contact the moderators/administrators directly (click here to see the moderator team). Posting about why they were banned in an attempt to stir up support for someone may cause their ban to be lengthen and will cause you to lose your posting rights as well.

* Don't read threads you don't want to know about - If you don't think a thread topic is a good one, then don't read it. The rest of the community is just fine not knowing that you think a thread is "stupid". If you feel a member is prone to posting "stupid" threads use the ignore feature (more on that below).

* Ignore a member - Is there a certain member that bothers you? Then simply add them to your ignore list. You can do this from the user profile and you will never have to see posts from them again.

* Replying to Trolls/Offensive posts - If you see an offensive post the only acceptable course of action is to report it (more on that below). If you reply to a troll or offensive post with an offensive reply you are as guilty if not more than the initial poster. The moderators/administrators will not accept the excuse that you did not start the problem. You are choosing to be a part of the problem if you reply and you will be treated as such. Use the report a post feature and let the moderators deal with the true issue.

* Report a post - Please please help us keep E46Fanatics.com fun and friendly for everyone. If you see a comment that is offensive, polluting a thread, racist, or down right mean please use the triangle icon (this icon ) to report the problem to the moderators and admin. We simply can't read every post each day and need your help to alert us when there is an issue that we might not otherwise see. Even if you think we are going to see it, it doesn't hurt to report it to us.

* NWS - Not Work Safe content is anything you wouldn't want your family, boss, etc. to see you viewing. NWS content is limited to PG-13 rated content on the site or R rated links. Any X Rated content/links are not allowed on the site.

* Posting a question for Moderators/Administrators - If you have a question about the site please the best course of action is to contact a moderators/administrator directly, but if you must post please do so in the Site Feedback/Questions/Suggestions forum. Posts in any other section of the forum are probably going to be missed (we simply have too many posts a day to see them all) and your question is not going to be seen. If you post an inflammatory thread (why did the mods/admin do this - in a really angry tone) and it is in the wrong forum expect us to close your thread and not bother replying.

* Thread/post removal - Threads and posts are removed without warning, explanation or notification. We do our best to let members know why a thread was removed but moderators/administrators have busy lives just like you. If you think for a moment about why a thread might have been removed the answer you come up with is most likely correct. If you still need further clarification please contact a moderator directly.

* Commercial selling - Unless you are an E46Fanatics.com sponsor the selling of items in a commercial manner (at the discretion of the administrators) is not allowed. This includes posting, signatures and private messages. If you are found in violation you account will be closed. E46Fanatics.com is supported by its sponsors, please support them! Click here to view our sponsors.

* Affiliate Links - Posting of affiliate links in forum messages or signatures is not allowed without permission from E46Fanatics.

* Political Content - Political content is only allowed on the Political Talk sub-forum of the Off-Topic. If you choose to
participate in this forum you must read the rules before posting. Political content is not allowed outside of this forum. Political signatures, avatars and user titles are not allowed.

* Signatures - Signatures are a way for you to share information about you and your car only. Animated images of some dancing panda, NWS materials, quotes from members and anything else that is not about you or your car maybe removed at any time. Images in signatures must be reasonable in both file size and pixel size or they will be removed without warning.

The above rules will be managed by an infraction system of points. Each offense has an infraction point level and members can track their infractions and infraction points from their User CP. 11 points results in the lost of posting rights until your points expire. 15 points results in a permanent lost of a members privilege to use E46Fanatics. Follow the simply guidelines above and there will not be any issues. Posting of an extreme nature will bypass the standard infraction process and can result in permanent banning from the site.

As always if you have any questions please email us at [email protected].

The E46Fanatics.com Team

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